Coupon Design Considerations

When designing a coupon, there are required elements and the following optional elements:

Show Your Product

Use photography or illustration! Possibilities include: (A) show your product’s packaging for easy identification in the aisle, (B) show the benefit or outcome of using your product, (C) show an emotion and/or human aspect of your product.

The Other Side

If your coupon will appear in a booklet or double-sided offer, make sure the back of the coupon contains secondary information that won’t be missed by the consumer when they surrender the coupon. Don’t put a second coupon on the back of the first coupon.


Some retailers double a coupon’s value. The retailer foots the bill for the additional cost, and typically limits this offer to coupons with a face value of 55¢ or less. If you want your coupon to be eligible for double couponing, avoid face values higher than 55 cents.

QR Code

Consider including a Quick Response (QR) Code that connects the reader with additional information on your web site. Readers can scan your QR Code with their smartphone to load the web page of your choosing. Use that web page to offer product information and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, fostering a long term relationship before they even use the coupon!