Tips for developing an Instagram account

If you are going to develop your Instagram account, you should first learn more information about the principles of the social network. For example, you should know that if you start advertising your account and you do not have subscribers, the result will make you very sad. So first of all buy instagram followers and only then use paid variants of account development. There are also some tips to help you treat this topic effectively.

Use geotags

Geo-tagging can significantly increase your coverage. When you tag a certain location in your post, it automatically gets into a selection of posts with the same tag. And if the post gets a lot of likes and is more popular than others, then you’ll be at the top. This is a good tip for offline business owners. For example, your coffee shop is located in a mall with many other places that users can tag in their posts. The more content with tagging your location, the more often the app will suggest that location to users who have taken a photo somewhere nearby. By posting posts with your geolocation, you promote it to the top of the list.

Think of a lead magnet

In brief, lead-magnet is a useful and absolutely free content (service) that a consumer gets in exchange for a certain action (repost, subscribe, mention). You can offer your followers a checklist with tips and tricks or a nutrition guide. It all depends on the format of the blog and your capabilities.

Do not be afraid to use cross-promotion

Quid pro quo – that’s how you can describe this scheme. Find Influencer with related topics and an equal number of followers, offering to make him a mutual PR. He advertises on his page to your profile, and you – his. A post with unconcealed dithyrambs in this case will look too unnatural, so it is better to use stories. The ideal format is an unobtrusive account of why you are so interested in a fellow craftsman. With notes, captions, and examples of content.

Host joint live broadcasts

Live streams not only help you get closer to your users, but also help you exchange subscribers. The scheme is the same as with mutual PR. Find a blogger with an identical topic, agree in advance what you’ll discuss during the broadcast, and set a time. Important: To get rid of awkward pauses, make a plan for the broadcast in advance.

Make up interactives

In order not to bore users, you need to throw them some entertaining content from time to time. Set up quizzes, polls, quizzes, and voting. Interactives are a great way to engage your audience.

Mass liking and mass following

Yes, it still works and it’s very successful. Mass liking is multiple likes on user posts that meet a set criteria. On average, if you get 100 likes, you can get up to 6 new subscribers. Bulk following – mass sign ups to the target audience in order to get relevant subscribers. It is important to choose people with similar interests. Under these conditions, the chance of getting a mutual subscription increases. In order not to wear yourself out with routine actions, you can use special services.

There are many great ways to help you get more instagram followers. Use them and keep an eye on the results.