Sotogrande: buying property in Spain

Do you want a place where dreams of sweet life are realized without a single flaw? Where you can enjoy absolute comfort and complete privacy, without feeling isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by palm trees in the warm sun on the very beach. Where there are no crowds of tourists and noisy discos, but the lack of entertainment is impossible to experience. Where the best restaurants are just a stone’s throw away and where you can park your own yacht at the door. Such a place is easy to get to if you want, because it exists – this is Sotogrande, the ideal resort, recognized as one of the best in Europe.

Buying a home in Spain

Sotogrande is a small town in southern Spain in the province of Cadiz in Andalucia, located 15 kilometres north of Gibraltar. Its area is about 20 square kilometers. Its permanent population is only about 5,000 people. But it’s got everything you need for a full life. On the one hand, this magnificence is surrounded by an endless sea, and on the other, by picturesque cork forests covering the green hills and mountains with velvet. Young, but respecting privacy and appreciating comfort, preferring the best, striving for elitism and fully achieving it in all moments of life. So we can say about Sotogrande, if we try to reflect in two words its most characteristic features.

The history of this amazing town is as incredible as its sterile purity. It was founded about 50 years ago by a man who carried out yet another great task before this important gift to the elite of European society, the fruits of which were enjoyed by even the simplest mortals. His name is Joseph McMicking and he was the founder of the first company in the world to produce first tape recorders and then video recorders.

Born in Philippine, the son of a Spaniard, a long time California resident – at one point, Joseph, having made a fortune, decided to create his California, only in his historical homeland, on the land of his ancestors. And it was this desire that led to the emergence of Sotogrande. It’s an interesting story, isn’t it?

From the very beginning Sotogrande was built and developed according to a perfectly thought out plan by McMicking and his associates, who shared the dream of an ideal city for a better life. But it’s not just fabulously expensive villas that you can see here – anyone can live here without being a millionaire. There are also apartment buildings here. 

Lack of tourist craziness, but at the same time a busy and cheerful life, the presence of a hospital, large shops, an abundance of boutiques, restaurants and bars – Sotogrande surprises in everything. As in the fact that, being a very young city, he is ready to offer his guest and the aesthetic pleasure of contemplation of beautiful architecture. Here you will find all the best from different parts of the world – near the houses in traditional Andalusian style you can see unusual high-tech constructions, and near Swiss chalets proudly decorate buildings in Moorish style. And if you want to take a closer look at your Mallorca home, you can visit

In Sotogrande, life is not as boiling as in neighbouring Marbella. It’s more rank and file, but not boring. Restaurants have the best gastronomic delights, bars have a pleasant contingent and aristocratic atmosphere. Joseph McMickin managed to build his own California, but without flaws – clean, comfortable, beautiful city. And it’s not just open to the elite, it’s open to everyone. The availability of real estate at affordable prices allows you to enjoy the sweet life in this oasis of luxury and tranquility to all who choose this place.