Myths about land-based gambling and online casinos

Before you play at an online casino, you should know that there are some myths. They mislead both newcomers and experienced gamblers. Many players make hasty conclusions, about which they share on thematic forums, from which there are new prejudices. You should not blindly believe the information spread by word of mouth. Moreover, when it does not fit within the bounds of common sense, contrary to the rules of the casino and even itself. If you want to find a reliable casino, you should use

Land-based casinos are pumping oxygen to keep guests awake

There have been numerous claims that gambling house owners purposely hook up pure oxygen to the air conditioning because of which: visitors do not feel tired, stay in the gambling halls for a long time and are willing to bet money all day long. Those who make such claims, have not found out what the budget will be for filling the gambling house with medical oxygen. Also, a small mini-factory on the territory of the establishment would be needed to produce it in the necessary volume. But the more compelling reason is to increase the fire hazard of the premises, and the owner does not want to lose his casino in a hot flame of fire at all. 

In fact, the gambling itself does its job and both adrenaline, which allows you to stay awake for a long time, and dopamine are released in the human body. Because of the action of neurotransmitters a player gets a continuous pleasure of anticipation of big winnings. And this is what makes the process of gambling dangerous for a person unable to control himself – winning does not bring so much excitement as the game itself. Even after taking a huge sum, the gambler can continue betting and end up losing everything.

Owners of club cards of gambling houses win more often

Neither the VIP cards of land-based gambling houses, nor the increased level of loyalty in online casinos have any effect on winnings. This brings us back to tweaking the results of the game and explaining how the slot machine works. The RNG doesn’t know what status a player has. For him, all are the same. And here’s something that could easily help the loyalty card is to get benefits in the form of drinks and food in a land-based casino or free chips on a gambling site.

There are betting systems that are superior to the casino advantage

There are no tactics or systems that will give a one hundred percent guarantee of winning and allow you to appropriate all the casino’s share, the advantage that is embedded in the various gambling games. All because the house of gambling is a long-term business strategy, following which the statement “The casino always wins” is true.

Let us consider a very popular Martingale system. According to the strategy developed in the 18th century by mathematician Paul Pierre Levy, after each loss, you need to double the betting amount in half and winnings will be compensated for a successful outcome. The system is applied in the game with a 50/50 chance of winning and is based on the statement that a series of losses cannot last forever.

This is certainly true. But how much money is enough for a player to follow the system and win back that first bad bet? Even if it was $1, after the fifth loss you would have to risk $32 to win it back, and after the eighth loss $256. Not to mention the subsequent ones. And in the history of casinos documented when the casino in Monte Carlo gambling house on August 18, 1913 “black” fell 26 times in a row! 

So do not trust rumors and gamble guided by your own thoughts. The most important rule would be to choose a reliable online casino, which you can do on the Gambler Key website. This will help you insure yourself against cheaters and start your way in the gambling industry.