How to choose the best template for your site

Choosing a template for the site is a very difficult and time-consuming process. It is especially difficult for those who have never dealt with sites and do not know why the site needs breadcrumbs or adaptive version. We have prepared several criteria for the selection of the template, which are worth paying attention.

Which Template Monster option will be the best to you

  1. SEO-friendly. We will not talk about the fact that every site needs SEO.  Template with support for SEO is the key to success. Given that popular content management systems (WordPress, Magento, Opencart, etc.) have strong and not very good opportunities for out of the box optimization. SEO-friendly template contains breadcrumbs and supports structured data protocols. Many templates have optimized code and minimized scripts, which significantly accelerates the loading speed of the site.
  2. Flexible theme settings. The admin panel has very flexible and functional settings.  This may include customization of colors, logo, various blocks and elements of the template. In “powerful” templates it is possible to export and import settings, use the prepared library of fonts and various layouts of pages. Agree, it is convenient when you can change the colors of the site or change the position of the logo from admin panel.
  3. Documentation and technical support. In some cases, you will need to contact technical support, even if you are used to solving most problems by yourself. As for the documentation of the template, you can use it regularly. At least it is an indicator of functionality of a theme. The more documentation with examples of use of all possibilities of a template – the better. Isn’t it pleasant to study a new template when there is a detailed example on the use of all elements?
  4. Browser compatibility and adaptability. An important point that is not always given attention. When choosing a template, open the demo in different browsers. At least you need to check the four main ones: Google Chrome, Firefox, EDGE & Internet Explorer, Safari. If the template is displayed correctly in each of these browsers – it means that it is of high quality and you can not be afraid of incorrect display of the site in the future. This, of course, if something is not broken with your help. We also recommend that you check the adaptability of the site in different browsers. There are often situations when the adaptability of the site on the iPhone is very poor. Therefore, we recommend that you select and buy templates only from proven sites such as Template Monster
  5. Support of several languages. Multi-language support is very important for the site.  If you look at it only from a template’s perspective, it should be able to correctly translate into other languages. Even better, if the template is already translated into the most popular and common languages. This will not only save you time, but also provide a quality result quickly.
  6. Design and visual component. The most important component, on which 98% of users choose a template. This is exactly what everyone looks at and is guided in their choice. It is recommended to evaluate not only the visual component, but also the following aspects:
  • the presence of a fixed header of the site;
  • a good navigation scheme for the site;
  • logical arrangement of elements;
  • the presence or absence of interactive elements (choice of color or size, cart etc).

The main task of a quality template is to help you find the right information and choose the product you are interested in. The less distractions a potential buyer will have – the higher the probability of successful sale. So if you are looking for a basketball template, then pay attention to the basic criteria that may matter to you.