Cannabis for women: how the demographics of the marijuana market have changed

Cannabis is going through a period of changing reputational status. Public perception is gradually changing the perception of cannabis products. Today, cannabis is a respected medicinal and healthy product rather than an illicit drug. This change is due to a number of factors.

For example the opening of new legal markets and the increasing availability of educational material, and a lot of scientific research. The more in-depth discussions about the safe use of cannabis have also made an impact. In social networks, media platforms and forums, activity on the cannabis topic has increased manifold.

As perceptions change, the demographics of aaa weed users are also becoming more diverse. Age categories, sex ratios and socio-economic status are changing. Previously, many believed that only men were interested in the recreational properties of marijuana. Today, cannabis is becoming a product for everyone. Research data shows a new trend: the number of female users has increased in the last few years. 

Women’s spending on cannabis is on the rise 

The study found that women now represent the fastest growing consumer segment in the cannabis industry. They spend large sums of money on cannabis and occupy a significant niche market. In fact, it was women who drove cannabis sales in the first three months of 2020. The average amount spent by the beautiful half of humanity doubled by 50 percent by the end of the quarter. The figures for Valentine’s Day 2021 showed an increase in female consumer demand. And this despite the pandemic and the financial crisis. Women’s purchases accounted for more than 38 percent of sales in 2021, up from a year earlier.

Increase in the number of conscious consumers 

The last decade has seen another big trend in general consumer shopping habits. Shoppers are looking for products from socially responsible brands. Sustainable consumption patterns and philanthropic initiatives are helping to quickly gain prominence.

The evolution of consumer demand benefits manufacturers who present detailed information about all the ingredients in their products. Right down to production processes and distribution locations. There is a growing number of restaurants offering menus with dishes ‘from the countryside right to the table’. Today’s consumer wants to be sure of the quality of the product. Where it comes from, how it was controlled, how it was delivered, and how well it meets standards. These demands are encouraging companies to create full transparency and accessibility in the supply chain. And this leads to the need to trace the process from seed to sale.

Such transparency also creates greater certainty for new consumers of hemp products. The important issue of product quality and safety is addressed. More and more legal shops are popping up online where you can buy weed online canada. And at the same time, public opinion about these kinds of products is becoming more favourable.