Business development on Instagram

With what to start developing a business on Instagram? How to design a page and how to properly manage a business account in Instagram by yourself with any budget – read in the article. Social media is an advertising space in every user’s pocket. For business and attracting the attention of the target audience here are all conditions. Instagram is especially suitable for promoting your business. Visual content helps to showcase your product from the advantageous side. The article describes all the steps you will need to go through when promoting your goods and services on Instagram, as well as revealing many secret ways.

Practical tips on how to design a business account competently

Creating a business account on Instagram is to take 1 step on the way to introducing your business to Internet commerce. It is followed by the next step – an attractive and competent profile design.

  1. Take care of the “social proof” of your success. A person is subconsciously driven by instincts, and they will not allow you to pass by a popular account on a topic of interest. And the user makes the decision to buy based on the size of the audience and the presence of positive comments. Let’s imagine a situation where a person wants to buy a new watch and is looking for information about this product on Instagram. When he finds several similar accounts through which this product can be purchased, naturally he will pay attention to the number of followers and what comments users leave under the posts. In this race for user attention, the more authoritative profile wins. It is the one where hundreds of thousands of people follow a certain company, buy a watch, and, satisfied with the quality, leave feedback. Today, you can give weight to almost any account using the service
  2. Your nickname is the identifying mark by which you will be recognized and remembered by users. Try to choose a nickname that is easy to remember and pronounce. You can work with associations, choose some stable combination that most clearly reflects the essence of your activity. It’s also a good idea to add your brand name to your nickname to make it more popular. The field size is up to 30 characters.
  3. The header is the text in bold in the first line of the description. Here you need to specify the scope of your business, include a query that you can be searched for by users. Here you should clearly describe your business, you can specify the territorial affiliation.
  4. Description – an area where you have to specify all your benefits, to entice and surprise users. In addition, you need to fit in 140 characters, you can add appropriate emoticons. Visually appealing looks structured information, describe the type of goods offered, possible delivery methods and other important data. Here you can also add an active link, if you’re not enough one, then use the service, which allows you to make a mini-lending with lots of links to your desired pages.
  5. Avatar – the face of the whole page. The size of this image is small, so make sure that the logo will be recognizable and readable. Originality is welcome here too, but the picture should be inextricably linked in meaning to your business. It’s better if the image was created for you, at the very least try to process a suitable photo.
  6. Use topical section, this is another way to tell users about your business, will help to make your business account in Instagram lively and interesting, provide a closer acquaintance with your services or products. These are categories of sorts, you can store and aggregate your stories, add a title and cover.

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