Boldabol is a steroid that has anabolic properties in tandem with low androgenic activity

Boldabol is a steroid that has anabolic properties in tandem with low androgenic activity. The original drug is now manufactured in Taiwan at one of the famous pharmaceutical factories. The active ingredient here is boldenone which is a molecule of the male hormone testosterone. Biological properties affect the effectiveness and duration of exposure to the body. The course of Boldabol lasts for 8-9 weeks. During this period, the same level of the hormone is stabilized and maintained in the blood.

About Boldabol reviews indicate its effectiveness. Possible estrogenic effects on the body are reduced due to the anabolic effect and low androgenic activity (50% of the total testosterone activity). It is relevant to buy Boldabol for athletes of strength sports, including weightlifting, boxing, bodybuilding, fitness and more.

The effect of taking Boldabol 

The main task of this anabolic steroid is to gain 5-10% of muscle mass in parallel with an increase in strength capabilities. This drug is often taken along with testosterone. Such a pair significantly enhances the effect, which manifests itself visually and physiologically as early as two weeks after ingestion.

Bolbadol 200 gives an average result between a full increase in muscle volume and high-quality drying of the relief. That is why it is important to buy Boldabol in Canada for beginner athletes who want to achieve a visible effect without pronounced negative consequences. The dosage of the steroid affects its action, so experienced athletes can take the drug in different ways to gain muscle mass and to dry out the relief.

The action of Bolbadol is actively expressed in the following manifestations:

  • Muscle fibers are actively hypertrophied under the influence of partial changes in hormonal levels and physical strength loads;
  • The increase in body weight does not occur due to the build-up of adipose tissue – effective drying of the body creates a clean, dry muscle mass;
  • Strength indicators increase at each training session and during professional performances (possibly an increase of up to 10%) when performing basic exercises;
  • The hormonal background actively affects the muscularity of the body, the venousness of the body is manifested ;
  • Improved metabolism enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Standardized rules for taking the drug Bolbadol

Bolbadol from British Dragon is injected into the body weekly (one dose of the substance promotes active progress for seven days). Stable muscle gain can be achieved by taking about 500 milligrams of the substance per week. Make sure that this figure does not exceed 800 milligrams – in this case, side effects are not excluded. An increase in dosage does not carry a potential meaning, since the effectiveness of this will not increase due to the biological characteristics of the assimilation of the active substance. Description Boldabol includes separate rates for taking a course for mass gain or drying. Information source:

To dry the body, it is recommended to take testosterone propionate in parallel which will act as the basic drug. Active action can be achieved when taking Winstrol or Anavar together with Bolbadol.

The recovery process for the body should be started no earlier than two weeks after the last injection, when the entire dosage of the active substance has been completely absorbed. Often for such purposes, athletes use standard boosters.

The price of Boldabol remains affordable, due to which it is often accepted by beginners in the use of anabolic steroids. Our store offers only original products from British Dragon.

Side effects and reasons for their appearance after taking Bolbadol

According to biological data and reviews of many athletes, the negative effect of the drug Bolbadol on the body is practically absent. There are several reasons for this:

  • The hormonal system does not change during the administration of the drug, and the natural production of the male hormone testosterone continues in a standard mode;
  • Water is not retained in the muscles – excess moisture is removed from the body;
  • Almost total lack of aromatization effect of the active substance;
  • Estrogen is not activated in the body after taking Boldabol;
  • Endurance forms energy tone.

Observing all the rules of admission, you can exclude any harmful effect on the body. In rare cases, acne or excessive sweating may occur due to the withdrawal of fluid from the body. Full details on the link: