6 Ways to Get Booking Coupons

Booking.com is a website that provides accommodations, flights, car rental, and airport taxis services. It covers many places such as Seattle, Las Vegas, Galveston, New Orleans, etc. The accommodations are also various for customers to choose, including apartments, resorts, villas, cabins, and cottages.

Renting a car allows you some popular destinations, such as London, Rome, Milan, etc. It is convenient for people’s daily life, and if coupons are provided to save money, it will be better. Follow my tips to get Booking coupons and save money together!

  • Sign Up for the Newsletter

Signing up for the newsletter is the most convenient way to obtain Booking coupons. Your email address is needed because you can receive the coupon information through your email. But pay attention to the expiry date because some Booking coupons have the deadline. It will not take you much time as long as you remember to check your email often.

  • Search for Packages

If you plan to get some places by plane and book a hotel there, then searching for the hotel + flight package saves you money. Also, other options such as hotel + flight + car, flight + car, and hotel + car are provided to meet your different needs. With booking packages, you can save up to $625. Therefore, if you want to get Booking coupons, try this way.

  • Register to Become a Member

Register or sign in to become a member of Booking makes you get exclusive discounts and offers secretly. Also, your email address is required, or if you have a facebook and google account, you can sign in with these two accounts. The members can get personalized suggestions according to their searching habits at Booking. For example, if you search for hotels frequently, it will provide more attractive hotels for you.

  • Get the Coupons at the Official Website

Search for Booking coupons at the official websites of Booking if you need it. The official website provides many offers and discounts for you to save money. Booking coupons are always displayed in a certain area, so pay attention to this area to see if there are coupons relating to your interests. Airport taxis always provides one-way and return services. In general, book return services are cheaper than one-way service and more convenient as well.

  • Search for Coupons at CouponBirds

CouponBirds is a third-party website that offers real-time deals and coupons. If you don’t have time to search for coupons, browse Booking coupons at CouponBirds. It collects all the coupons of Booking for customers. They won’t waste much time, also they can save money by clicking the link.

  • Invite Hosts

To get Booking coupons, you can invite your friends to get the money back on your next booking. Every time a friend uses your referral link to list their apartment, B&B, or anything else, you’ll get the money back on your next booking. To get the bonus, you should follow the three steps: 1)share the unique link to invite your friends to list their property on Booking; 2) they need to register their property, open to guests, and have at least one stay; 3) once your friends get their first booking, you get your first bonus, too.

It will be easier and more convenient to get Booking coupons if you follow my suggestions. If you are often on a business trip, you’d better sign up for the newsletter and register as a member. Also, searching Booking coupons at CouponBirds is a direct way to get the coupons and makes you save money.